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From the Desk of Dr. Suzanne Grady

Dear Patient

At Open Sesame Dentistry I have a very simple goal and that is to provide the very best possible treatment and care for your child. What sets us apart from most other practices is that very singular focus.

  • Delivery of a high level of dental care not only involves an expert level diagnosis and treatment of the teeth, but also an understanding of the parents concerns and practices regarding dental care.
  • With this complete understanding we can not only treat but also teach your child the simple steps to a healthy dental life. The health and maintenance of your child’s first set of teeth helps set the foundation for their permanent teeth.
  • At Open Sesame Dentistry all diagnosis, care and treatment advice is provided directly by the Doctor as opposed to large dental practices where your child maybe seen by an “apprentice” or “qualified dental assistant” and you meet with the Doctor for a few rushed minutes.

We believe that the value of your child’s dental health should be a parent and Doctors determination not solely determined by your insurance policy and what is covered by their terms.

We hope that you will value our services as much as we value your family.


Dr. Suzanne Grady

Open Sesame Dentistry
191 Amsterdam Avenue
Lincoln Square

New York, NY 10023
Phone: 212-874-1200
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