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8:30 – 12:00pm
Excused absence from school


8:30am – 12:00pm ages 18m – 4yrs


8:30 am – 4:00 pm ages 5 & above



New Patients

Being a busy Pediatric Office with a desire to see every child in need the office attempts to schedule appointments at times suitable for new patients. Due to pre-existing conditions or past treatments and other new patient needs we need schedule an appointment with extra time to get to know your childs needs.

For this reason, you must call the office at (212) 874-1200 to schedule an appointment.


Patients With Referrals

If you are a new patient with a referral from another patient or your pediatrician please call OR email us with your referrers email AND telephone number.

Our office will verify your referral and offer you an appointment at your convenience. Please ensure you email updated insurance information to the office BEFORE your visit.


Returning Patients

We are happy to have you back in the office. To make scheduling easier for you we offer easy online scheduling or you may call us at (212) 874-1200 and we will offer you the first available appointment for the procedure that will be performed.


How are Appointments Scheduled?

The office attempts to schedule appointments at your convenience and when time is available. Pre-school children should be seen in the morning because they are fresher and we can work more slowly with the child for their comfort. School children with a lot of work to be done should be seen in the morning for the same reason. Dental appointments are an excused absence. Missing school can be kept to a minimum when regular dental care is continued.

Since appointed times are reserved exclusively for each patient, we ask that you please notify our office 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time if you are unable to keep your appointment. Another patient who needs our care could be scheduled if we have sufficient time to notify them. We realize that unexpected things can happen, but we ask for your assistance in this regard.

Do I Stay with My Child During the Visit?

Children MUST have a parent or legal guardian accompany them on all visits.
We invite you to stay with your child during the initial examination. During future appointments, we suggest you allow our staff to accompany your child into the treatment room. We can usually establish a closer rapport with your child when you are not present. Our purpose is to gain your child’s confidence and overcome any apprehension they may have. Your child will have their very own Personal Assistant to sit with them and reassure them while Dr. Grady and her Assistant restores their smile.

Missed Appointments

Being a busy Pediatric Office with a desire to see every child in need, we do require a full 48 hours notice for all schedule changes. If you do not show to a cleaning appointment there will be a charge before we can return your children to our schedule. Missing an operatory (appointment for work to be done) appointment will result in dismissal of the family. Please call us 48 hours before your appointment and we will be happy to change your time to one that is more suitable for your schedule.

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