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Lisping (pronouncing “s” as “th”) commonly goes hand-in-hand with other issues like tongue thrusting and crooked teeth. At Open Sesame Dentistry, located in the Lincoln Square area in Manhattan, premier pediatric dentist Suzanne Grady, DDS, offers the best in myofunctional therapy. Dr. Grady understands that comfort is a primary concern for both parents and children, so she offers nontraditional but easy-to-use airway treatments that really work. Call the New York City office or click the online scheduler to arrange your child’s appointment.

Myofunctional Therapy Q&A

What is myofunctional therapy?

Myofunctional therapy is a group of special exercises and treatments that can improve problems within the face, mouth, and throat muscles (orofacial malfunction disorders).

If those muscles don't function properly, your child can develop problems such as lisping, tooth misalignment, and tongue thrusting. 

What are the signs that my child needs myofunctional therapy?

Some of the most common symptoms that could indicate your child needs myofunctional therapy are:

  • Lisping (pronouncing "s" as "th") or other speech issues
  • Crooked teeth
  • Pushed-out front teeth
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Face pain
  • Teeth grinding
  • Mouth breathing
  • Stomach aches 
  • Sleep difficulties, such as sleep apnea

There’s no doubt that orofacial malfunction disorders can cause many issues, and they often happen simultaneously. For example, if your child develops a lisp, it's very likely that they're thrusting their tongue and have misaligned teeth as well. 

But, these additional problems might be in their early stages and could be hard to detect. That’s why an evaluation from an orofacial malfunction expert is recommended if you notice any possible symptoms.

Why is myofunctional therapy so important?

If your child has orofacial malfunction, correcting the root problem through myofunctional therapy is crucial. 

If you simply treat a single problem, for example treating misaligned teeth with braces but don't correct the orofacial malfunction itself, the tooth misalignment is very likely to return. Plus, braces don't do anything to resolve issues like lisping. 

Through myofunctional therapy, Dr. Grady and the caring Open Sesame Dentistry team can reposition the soft tissues in your child's face, neck, and mouth so they can live free from limitations and discomfort. 

How does myofunctional therapy work?

At Open Sesame Dentistry, Dr. Grady and her friendly team take a state-of-the-art approach to myofunctional therapy. Their goal is to get your child back to excellent oral health without making them uncomfortable or requiring hard-to-wear oral appliances. 

Myofunctional therapy may also include special exercises to improve the positioning of your child's soft tissues. These exercises don't hurt, they're simply training exercises to help your child recapture normal healthy function.

Using a nontraditional pillow approach along with other specially tailored exercises, your child can overcome their lisp and its accompanying problems.

Learn more about how myofunctional therapy can help your child by calling Open Sesame Dentistry or clicking the online scheduler.