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White fillings are a subtle way to fill cavities — and they’re less invasive than traditional silver fillings, too. At Open Sesame Dentistry in the Lincoln Square area of Manhattan, expert pediatric dentist Suzanne Grady, DDS, uses only the safest and most reliable methods. That is why she uses white fillings for her young patients. For comfortable white fillings in a welcoming, kid-friendly environment, call the office in New York City, or use the convenient online scheduling tool to book your child’s appointment.

White Fillings Q&A

What are white fillings?

White fillings are tooth restorations that Dr. Grady matches to your child’s natural tooth color. These fillings are made from composite resin, a pliable material that fits into your child’s tooth to replace the decayed area. 

What are the advantages of white fillings for kids?

White fillings are the best choice because:

  • They blend in with the natural tooth
  • They require less tooth structure removal
  • They’re strong and durable
  • They contain no mercury (silver fillings contain mercury)

Although white fillings may not last as long as silver ones, they offer so many advantages that they’re now the optimal choice for almost all pediatric patients. White fillings last for years, and it’s very unlikely your child will need filling replacement for a white filling in a baby tooth. 

In most cases, your child will lose their baby tooth along with the filling long before the filling starts to degrade.

Why would my child need white fillings?

For many instances of tooth decay, a simple brush-on treatment called silver diamine fluoride (SDF) can treat the cavity without requiring a filling. But, if your child has more advanced tooth decay, Dr. Grady may recommend a white filling to preserve the strength and function of their natural tooth. 

How does the white fillings process work?

Dr. Grady puts your child’s comfort first. Drawing upon her extensive experience in pediatric, adolescent, and special needs dentistry, Dr. Grady creates an individualized treatment plan for your child. 

Some children do well with local anesthesia, while others do best with nitrous oxide sedation.  Dr. Grady makes sure that your child feels relaxed, comfortable, and ready for treatment before expertly removing the areas of tooth decay. Your child won’t feel any pain during the process.

She cleans the tooth carefully, then molds the composite resin in place. Dr. Grady shapes the resin to fit the tooth, then hardens it using a special light to complete the filling process. 

White fillings can restore your child’s tooth without pain or anxiety. Call the Open Sesame Dentistry office to speak with a friendly staff member or click the online appointment maker to book your child’s appointment.